Selling with Motorific

Every day, Motorific helps hundreds of people to sell their vehicles quickly and easily, by finding them the dealer that’ll pay the most for it.

We don’t make you choose between price and convenience - you can have both, with no extra effort. It’s also 100% free to sell with us, and we’ll guide you through the process to get a great result.

We work with more than 5,000 verified dealers nationwide and use our smart technology to connect you with the right buyer in a few simple steps. By removing the middlemen and moving the process online, we help everyone get a better deal - quickly, safely, and without leaving home.

Based on your valuation and the vehicle details you share with us, we'll help you to create a professional online profile, establish a realistic reserve price and then share details about your vehicle with thousands of verified dealers across our nationwide network in an online daily sale.

No. To sell a vehicle with Motorific, all you need to do is enter your reg, provide the details and photos requested, accept your highest offer from our verified dealer network, then arrange free collection with the dealer at a time suitable for you. Motorific handles everything else for you.

We find your highest offer by allowing the 5,000+ verified dealers in our network to compete to buy your car in a daily sale. Dealers will have the opportunity to view your vehicle description and photos, and can submit a bid for your car.

Dealers will see your reserve price and it will tell them the price you’re happy to accept for your car; however, your reserve price is only a guide. As dealers bid against each other to buy your car, you may receive far more than this amount. Our daily sales are highly competitive, with dealers nationwide competing to give you the best price, it’s therefore little wonder that more than 50% of cars that go for sale at the reserve price on Motorific achieve more than expected!

Selling your vehicle with Motorific is completely free. There are no fees. Dealers pay to buy and collect your vehicle, meaning you don't have to pay a penny.

When you complete your online profile, you will be asked to include info about your vehicle, including any damage. You also need to provide photos that our network of dealers will see that will inform their highest offer. Our profiles are designed to appeal directly to our dealers, showcasing your vehicle in the best way during the daily sale.

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