How To Sell My Car With Motorific


1. Profile Your Car:

You enter a registration number to get instant car valuation. You make an awesome car profile through your mobile.


2. thousands Verified Dealers Make Offers:

Thousands verified dealers make attractive offers on your listing. We connect you with the one offering the highest price.


3. You Get Paid in Full:

You approve the offer. The dealer collects your car for free and you get paid in full within 24 hours.

How Selling with Motorific Works

Selling your car with Motorific is a hassle-free and convenient process. We've simplified the entire experience to ensure that you get the best value for your vehicle quickly and with ease. Here's how it works:


Tell Us About Your Car

Unlock your car's true worth. Just enter your registration for an instant valuation. Create your car profile on your mobile and maximize your profits.


We Connect with Dealers

Our online sale platform reaches thousands of car dealers across the UK. They'll send you their best offers for your car.


Choose the Best Offer

You decide which dealer's offer suits you best. Go with the one who pays the most or makes the highest bid.


Get Your Car Collected for Free

Sell your vehicle and receive full payment Immediately at no extra cost.

Why Sell Your Used Car With Motorific?

  • Get The Highest Price For Your Car

    Here at Motorific, thousands of verified dealers bid against your listings and we connect you only with the one offering the highest price.

  • Get Paid In Full

    Motorific lets you keep the full price of the car. We do not charge a fee to car owners.

  • Get Paid Within 24 Hours

    93% of car owners have received payments on the same day.

  • Thousands verified dealers

    Motorific is accompanied by thousands dealers. You don’t need to spend time hunting for the best prices.

  • Cars on Finance Accepted

    Motorific can assist you in selling a car even if it has outstanding finance to pay off.

  • Instant Car Valuation

    You enter a car registration number and we offer instant valuation using live market data technology.

  • Free Collection

    Sell a vehicle and receive full payment within 24 hours as we charge nothing. Welcome to the Motorific Way!

  • One-Stop-Shop For Buying & Selling Cars

    We are your one stop shop for selling your used cars. Over hundreds of car owners make listing here daily hassle free.

Free, Trusted, & Efficient Way To Sell Your Used Car Online

  • Free:

    We charge nothing to car owners. You list your car & get paid in full.

    we get our finders fees from dealers.

  • Convenient:

    Being home to thousands verified dealers, it’s never more easy to sell your car online.

  • Trusted:

    Over hundreds people have sold their used cars with Motorific. We enjoy 4.5+ star ratings on TrustPilot & GoogleReview

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