Instant Valuation:

Our live-market-data-powered technology provides an accurate estimate of your car’s value.

Get Your Highest Price:

We alert dealers every time a new listing comes up. They compete to give you the best price for your used car. We connect you with the dealer offering the highest

Free Home Collection:

Once you accept the bid, a verified dealer will collect your car from your home for free. You get paid in full.

Motorific Is Free:

We don’t charge used car owners any fee. We collect fees from verified dealers.

Fast, Efficient, & Advanced Way of Selling My Car on Finance

Motorific is home to thousands of verified dealers who compete daily to get the best cars for stock acquisition. At Motorific you can get instant value for your car and meet the dealers that are willing to pay the best possible prices.

Over Thousands of Vehicle Owners Have Got The Best
Price For Their Cars.

How Motorific Works To Sell Cars On Finance

1) Profile Your Car: You profile your car by simply entering the car’s registration number. Our system provides instant car valuation using live market data and statistics.

2) We Alert Dealers: As soon as your listing completes, Motorific sends notifications to thousands verified dealers who compete with the highest bids.

3) Get Maximum Value For Your Car: Motorific connects with the dealer who has placed the highest bid. You approve the bid and the dealer collects the car from your home for free.

4) Get Paid In Full: You get paid in full within 24 hours of the sale. 90% of car owners have received their payments on the same day.

Sell My Car On Finance Through Motorific

As per the latest stats, 85% of people buy cars through some sort of finance agreement. With flexible payment plans, it becomes easy for people to pay for cars and own a vehicle. However, complexities arise when car owners go to sell their cars on finance. However, Motorific has a solution for you as we can help you sell your car on finance.

Can You Sell Your 1st Car On Finance?

With Motorific, you always can. Our verified dealers have bought cars that came with outstanding finance. However, to sell my car on finance, all you need to do is to settle the outstanding balance. This act of settling balance is called the settlement figure. Then, you will submit proof of payment clearance and you are all set to sell your car.

How to sell my financed car through Motorific?

If you have bought a car on finance, then you should know it already that you are not the legal owner of the car. The ownership will be only transferred to you when you have submitted all payments to your lender. This whole complex concept of ownership gives birth to the ambiguity that you can’t sell your car on finance until all your outstanding payments are cleared. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

  • You can voluntarily terminate your finance agreement provided that you have paid 50% or more of the agreed amount.
  • You will then clear the remaining balance that you owe.
  • Likewise, you will pay any outstanding fees or interests.
  • When considering purchasing a new car, it could be worthwhile to have a conversation with your lender. They may offer the option to take back your current car and initiate a new agreement, which could provide you with personalized rates as an existing customer.

What are you waiting for?

Bid to traditional used car selling methods and join strong community of thousands happy customers!

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